Csv viewer in browser

hello everyone.
i am running asterisk 11 in my debian system and i would like to present the cdrs from master.csv in a webpage. is there a guide on how to do it please?

No, there is not. But you can use google to find how to create a web page and ´parse data from a csv, it will be a lot easier if you change your csv for a DB like mysql and then show it in the webpage.

thanks for the quick reply. the problem is that i do not know how to make the cdrs to be written in a DB (Mysql that i am familiar with). then i know how to show it with PHP.

https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/MySQL+CDR+Backend Or you can use ODBC to use another engine.

Since i have not found any solution to my question, I am bringing back that old thread.
I am not familiar with SQl dbs and iam looking for a nice way to present csv file to the web to see the cdrs. any guide?

Seriously? After 3 months do you can’t google anything useful to learn or deploy the CDR stuff. WOW! that’s amazing dude.

From my -closed-point of view if you can’t use a DB to present the CDR records in a web page then how do you pretend to fetch the content of a csv file and then load to a web page. All of tis questions are out of the scope of this forum and maybe you will need to hire someone to do it.

Here I give you some links:


for csv

Finally you can use, copy or modify my GUI for your usage https://github.com/navaismo/DM-AsteriskGUI
Sorry to sound like an Ass