Crosstalk on Asterisk

Hi All

We are having a issue on our asterisk box(1.4.36). seems that some of our agents is expiriencing crosstalk on their SIP Softphones(Eyebeam). The scenario is when one of our agents is engaged on a customer suddenly a calls come in and gets answered on the same line of our softphone so our agent is talking to 2 customers at the same time.

The set up of our asterisk is purely VOIP we have a IAX2 connection to our provider and on our local LAN it is pure SIP connections to the asterisk box.

Any kind of help or tips on how to resolve the issue is greatly appreciated THANKS!

wouldnt that be setting call-limit=1 in sip.conf for the peer

call-limit = number : Number of simultaneous calls through this user/peer.

thanks for the reply marcus will try what you suggested