Creating multiple extensions

i am new to asterisks and learning about them. Is there a way to create number of sip extensions? like if I want to create sip users from 1000 to 1200? can it be done? or have to add one by one?

I assume you mean SIP endpoints. You can use templates to avoid repeating things, and you can use any tool that can generate text files to take a list of device name and password, and rearrange them.

I haven’t used the wizard, but you may be able to reduce that to just device name and password. Although you should, no longer, be using that, chan_sip only had one section per device.

You could have all the passwords the same, to avoid having to enter a password for each, but that is a really bad idea.

Although it is more secure to have device names not match the primary extension number, most people do have them match, in which case you don’t have to define any extensions.

(If you are using a GUI, you may well find that there is no quick way, but no GUIs are supported on this forum.)

Yes, indeed i was talking about the endpoints. Thank you, got the point.

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