Correct context for local endpoints? (trixbox/asterisk-java)

i’m using asterisk-java(from to have the asterisk-pbx (from make a connection between two endpoints.

i use the following method to do that:

i’ve a default trixbox setup with a sip-trunk to my voip-provider and there are three sip-endpoints (softphones) with the numbers 663-665 connected to it. calls between the endpoints work flawlessly and are routed correctly.

to make my java-app work, i used the following parameters for the method mentioned above:

caller: SIP/663
callee: SIP/664
priority: 1
timeout: 30000

…now, to my question:

what is the correct context i should use here? there are tons of contexts in the config files and none of them seems to work: most of the times the pbx calls the caller, the caller picks up and hears “bye” before the connection is closed instead of calling the callee. i think the problem might be, that i’m not using the correct context and asterisk can’t find the callee endpoint.

which context would you use to connect two local endpoints? do i have to build an own context for that?

thanks a lot for your help!


p.s.: this topic raised out of this post (you might find more details about it there):

…found the answer somewhere else:


thanks a lot greg! :smile: