Core Sounds - Dialplan Question

Dear Gang,

I’m about to record the full set of Asterisk core sounds in Chinese for the community. The prompts have already been translated, the Voice Talent is ready and having them studio recorded isn’t a problem either. However, I don’t have any idea of coding and don’t have an Asterisk system with core sounds running myself (just a custom system that I planned on the administrative side ). So, I’ll have some questions about changing things so that they match the Chinese grammar in the future :wink:

For now, I’m just trying to figure out which additional prompts I will need to record to the core sounds. But so far I couldn’t find a dialplan to get an overview how Asterisk puts sentences together from several single prompts. Does anybody have a complete dialplan?

It doesn’t seem incredibly complicated. But if numbers are involved, things are done differently in Chinese, so I would like to know what combinations are possible.

For example:

From the list of core prompts I can guess that Asterisk will say:

You have - x - messages.
There are currently - x - other participants in the conference.
X - user(s) will join the conference.

Now in Chinese, you have to put a measure word after a number. That’s something like “pieces”, as in: “You have x (pieces) messages”. This measure word is different for messages, people, whatever.

So, if the above examples would be the only possibilities, that’s quite simple. I need to record the measure words for messages and for users/people. But are there other possibilities?

Another prompt I’m not sure about would be: “incoming call from”. How is that used? Like “Incoming call from - phone number - xxx”. Or like “Incoming call from - (person’s name)” ?

I hope somebody can help out.

Thanks already

I don’t know how Chinese sentences work. However, I use Playback on asterisk to play several sound files using & (ampersand) to joint two or more files.

Hi Mazilo,

Thanks a lot for your reply. That sounds useful for later, when I want to check how several prompts sound like put together.

But for the moment I’d just like to know which sentences Asterisk would put together in the very standard version, without making any changes to it. Is there an easy way to check this, without digging through code (that I don’t understand, btw)?

Like, a simple sheet that shows what Asterisk would say when you’re in this or that menu?