Core show config mappings

I am following this article: … l-guide-v1
to integrate a2billing with asterisk and freepbx and I am on the step that tells me to type.

core show config mappings

and it says I should get a response that looks like

Config Engine: mysql
===> extensions (db=general, table=cc_sip_buddies)
===> iaxpeers (db=general, table=cc_iax_buddies)
===> iaxusers (db=general, table=cc_iax_buddies)
===> sippeers (db=general, table=cc_sip_buddies)
===> sipusers (db=general, table=cc_sip_buddies)

The response I get is
Config Engine: odbc

What step did I mess up? I think I think the instructions I followed were for an older version. :confused:

p.s. I am setting up asterisk, freepbx, and a2billing to be used with Voicents Predictive Dialing Agent Dialer.