Controlplayback options

Please suggest to use ControlPlayback to use other dtmf keys/options as it is considering only (2,3,4,5).
In our scenario we have multiple other dfmf key options like 9,# and it is not taking input from other dtmf options.

exten => 55556,n,ControlPlayback(quizivr/songsbhajan/HanumanChalisa,5000,2,3,4,5)

What are you expecting the other options to do?


Like 9 to go to main menu, 8, # and * also having specific directions.

ControlPlayback plays back sound files and provides control over that playback using the DTMF options. There is no adding in other DTMF keys to do other things.

Is there any other solution to manage forward and rewind audio files apart from ControlPlayback .
would be better if it works with other dtmf options.


have a look at

Ah yes, @benphone nice one!

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