Controlling timeouts on Read() function


I am trying to tune the way the Read() function works.
We have a prompt that asks customers for their case number, if they enter it the call get routed to the appropriate person by means of examining our intranet databases.

The prompt is about 15 seconds long, and you then have to wait for the digit timeout, then you eventually come to the support team.
If you type in all 5 digits it breaks immediately and goes straight to the operator.

Anyhow, we are finding that some people are bypassing the process by pressing any number as the timeout on the Read() function is shorter (8 seconds) than the voice prompt + timeout.

Ideally we would like it such that regardless of whether the customer waits patiently or types in less than 5 digits, they both wait the same amount of time to get to the support team.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I did not mean to double post, I got a ‘page cannot be displayed’ after I clicked Submit! :confused: