Controlling Away From Desk With A Hosted Application?

My company uses an in-out-away board at the office and on the Web. The purpose of this is to let others know where they are (i.e. working from home, meeting, conference, vacation, etc.). As part of this function, we also have a “do not disturb” flag.

I’m new to Asterisk and am considering using it for my small business and wondered whether people here think that setting up the following would be possible or had clues as to how our developers might implement it:
This software runs on a mySQL database we host, and we use PHP for presentation. I envision that when people note that they’re away, they could select a phone number from pre-sets (or manual entry) to forward calls to automatically. As an example, I note that I’m going home for the evening, and select my mobile for calls to forward to in this application. Likewise, when they sign in at the office (from the touch-screen in the office or desk), calls would be routed back to their IP hard/soft phone. Also, if someone is really busy and wants their calls held, if they set the do not disturb flag on the system, it would send calls directly to voice mail. In a vice versa form, I also wondered whether there would be a way to adjust some of these settings from a SIP hard or soft phone.

Please note that I’m not one of our engineers, but I have done programming. If this seems possible and people have suggestions, I would get them to the programmers.

Touch-screen Interface

Update Interface For Touch-screen

Mini Version For Desktop

Thoughts? Thanks for the help!