Connectivity w/ mobiles in Asterisk 1.6?

I recently downloaded and installed Asterisk 1.6 and was excited about included chan_mobile in the trunk. However I was surprised not to find mobile.conf anywhere in the installation, which would indicate (or maybe I am wrong) that chan_mobile is not included in Asterisk 1.6

  1. If the connectivity to mobile phones is included in 1.6, how to bring Asterisk up to using mobile device as any other channel?
  2. If it is not included, is there any way to clip in some module for connecting mobile phones with Asterisk server 1.6?

I am running chan_mobile with a trunk version of Asterisk. Since i have some problems with the combination of FreePbx and the Asterisk trunk version i will also try 1.6 soon.

If i find that chan_mobile is not fully available in 1.6 i will compile it from the addons-trunk.

As far as i can remember the command $make samples from the addons source directory creates the initial mobile.conf file.

Just compiled and installed 1.6.x and addons 1.6.x
Everything works ok.