Connecting Via External IP Address to asterisk

Can some one help. I am trying to connect to my asterisk@home box from home, system works fine in the office, What I want to do is connect to our asterisk server from home, is this possible? And the moment I think it is only listening on internal ip address i.e. 192.168.1.X On your SDSL rooter I have setup DMZ to point to the asterisk server.

You need to configure the port 4569 pointing to ip adress of the AHH


how do i configure the port 4569 pointing to ip adress of the AHH? What is AHH? Is it a config in asterisk or the rooter

You need to setup a rule in your gateway or router to point connections to the 4569 UDP coming from the Internet to be forwarded to the 4569 port of your internal server, that is, to the internal IP of the box running asterisk.

Have a look at the draft of the SIP + NAT tutorial im currently writing.

Give more information on your setup if you want more help.


Okay, I am still thoroughly confused with that tutorial. I have seen most of those options before, but I have no idea which ones I need to use for my setup. I have my Asterisk server and my client using X-Lite behind two different NAT routers. What incoming ports do I need to forward on each, and what do I need to set in my sip.conf and rtp.conf? (No outgoing ports are blocked).

Currently I have UDP ports 5060, 6922, and 6923 forwarded on the Asterisk’s NAT. rtp.conf is set to start at 6922 and end at 6923. sip.conf has nat=yes for the user and port=5060 bindaddr= servlookup=yes localnet= under general. X-Lite registers properly and rings on an incoming call, but no audio either way. (No audio problems if client is within the Asterisk server’s LAN of course)