Connecting Endpoint To Asterisk On Vultr

Good afternoon all,

I’ve recently migrated to the cloud as I was facing a multitude of issues configuring Asterisk with Twilio on my home network due to being in a CGNAT prison. I have recently subscribed to a VPS service, called Vultr, and I’ve compiled Asterisk 16 on a Debian bullseye base and everything seems to be in place with regards to the installation. However, I’m not able to register my softphone with this new box. I was wondering if anybody could assist in any way possible.

My sip.conf configuration file is essentially the sample config provided by make samples with the sole addition of my one extension that I was testing with…which is as follows;


I have performed some troubleshooting steps as per the Asterisk experts over on #asterisk on and I’ve done a tcpdump and I’ve also done a local wire capture as well but couldn’t get to the bottom of the actual issue. Both boxes (or both sides) are registering packets so there is communication happening…however, the phone registration isn’t taking place.

Appreciate any feedback. Thank you for your time.

I’ll recommend that you upgrade to asterisk 20 and change to chan_pjsip
as both asterisk 16 and chan_sip is deprecated

Good afternoon @TheMark

Thank you for the reply. I will indeed upgrade to PJSIP and to the current Asterisk 20 release when I have some time and observe if I have problems registering my softphone.

Thank you,

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