Connect two asterisk server PJSIP asterisk 13.9.1

How to configure two server from asterisk 13.9.1 ?

please example

For SIP, you always need both a a client and a server.

Assuming you are trying to forward calls from one Asterisk to the other is really no different from connecting to an ITSP at both ends, except that you have the option of authenticating in both directions. Any of the standard examples for an ITSP, plus the basic knowledge that anyone using Asterisk, without the help of a consultant, should get you there.

He meant me like this
I have two servers.
Server one and server 2.
Diserver 1 i have exte 1300 and 130 and on server 2 i have exte 13001
So what’s the way when exte 1300 can conect to 13001?
If exten 1300 call 130 can connet. Because 1 server is the same.

Extension 1300 dials the SIP device for servers 2, passing it 13001, in the same way was it would call the SIP device for an ITSP with a PSTN number. Server 2 handles the incoming call in the same way as it would handle it from a local SIP phone, or from a true Direct In Dialing connection from an ITSP.

Can you give me a reference or any examples that need to be changed?