Connect external audioapplication with sound input/output?


is there a possibility to connect an external audioprogram with sound input and output to asterisk ? Is it possible with AGI/EAGI or is there another interface that I can use ?

Thank you

don’t be shy. say what the application is you have in mind, or what you’re trying to do in a but more detail.

I thought about connecting asterisk with other programs like skype, ventrilo, teamspeak and so on with an analog audio connection.
Is there a possibility to stream to and from an audiodevice to asterisk ?
I think there must be a solution.

I’ve got gamer applications in mind. I read on a blog about Asterisk being an OpenSource alternative to Ventrilo.
Perhaps the OP had in mind something I’ve wanted to do in the past, which is to be a “DJ” in Ventrilo for the team during a match. As it is, the team captain likes to open a match with psyching people up on Ventrilo by sticking his microphone up against his stereo speaker playing Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” and it sounds HORRIBLE. And if you’ve got a VOIP application runnning on a high bandwidth server and a perfectly good MP3 collection (which we do), then it really doesn’t have to be so bad.
I figure you ought to be able to pipe an existing MP3 player of any kind into an audio stream that gets sent straight to the Vent server. I also figure that it would be a tremendous waste of bandwidth, but I leave the technical details to you experts.
I’m sure Asterisk has a way to play elevator music for people on hold?