Connect attempt from '' in logs

I have asterisk 1.4 up and running fine with asterisk-gui. However I constantly get these messages in my asterisk log every few seconds;

[Jan 26 22:32:04] NOTICE[7425]: manager.c:961 authenticate: tried to authenticate with nonexistent user ‘admin’
== Connect attempt from ‘’ unable to authenticate

Please can someone tell me what this is and how to stop it?

you’ve got a process running that’s trying to connect to the manager API … i would guess at the GUI daemon if it’s running one (don’t use it myself).

for the GUI to work, you’ll need an entry in manager.conf with the username and secret that you’ve configured it with.

Hi yes I am using asterisk_gui which is what is trying to connect. However I had already set my admin details - my manager.conf is;

displaysystemname = yes
enabled = yes
webenabled = yes
port = 5038
bindaddr =

secret = mypassword
read = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user,config
write = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user,config

My username used to be [administrator] but I just changed this to [admin] and I am still getting the errors although this time not the username error just the authentication;

== Connect attempt from ‘’ unable to authenticate

It’s as if the asterisk is expecting a different password for admin but I am using the web interface with my password no problem!

Please can anyone shed light on this? Everythihng’s working but this error is filling up my logs.

For AMI to allow access,

  • The user name/password used in GUI should match that in manager.conf
  • I don’t see any entry for deny/permit. Add this line for allowing local access

Recommended practice is to deny all interfaces and allow specific interfaces for security.

i keep getting the error

parsing ‘etc/asterisk/manager.conf’:Found
parsing ‘etc/asterisk/manager_additional.conf’:Found
parsing ‘etc/asterisk/manager_custom.conf’:Found
== Connect attempt from ‘’ unable to authenticate

i have read previous posts yet i still remain clueless as to where i need to go in order to solve this annoying and repetitive message. Why is asterisk doing this? And what do i need to do to resolve this issue

Your help will be desperately appreciated? :open_mouth: