Connect 2 extensions


I’m a newbie to asterisk pbx. :wink:
My problem is about AEL. :cry:

I want to write the code that connect 2 extensions.

[quote]First, dial A.
Then, dial B.
If all 2 extensions response, connect 2 extensions to each other for talking.[/quote]

Is it possible in AEL?
Would anybody help me?

Thanks for any helps and replies. And I wish that this topic will be much help to persons have same problem. :smile:
*and, if have any AEL manual or full guide, would you share with me?


Nobody would help me?

I have another approach.

  1. dial A.
  2. dial B.
  3. hangup.

Then all legs would be disconnected?
Or A and B could keep their channel?

Thanks for any writings.



I found a solution.

Since asterisk 1.6, application β€œBridge” would be supported.
Also, even for 1.4, could 2 "Dial()"s.

Of course first caller should not talk with anybody.

Thanks. :smile: