Confirming that a Dialogics card is functioning

I appologize in advance if this is a real noob (RTFM) kind of question - I looked at a lot of online resources and could not find the answer.

I just built a box to run Asterisk@home. I installed the software with the card already installed in the box. The card is a Dialogics 120 JCT-LS. The installation never complained about the card. The only indication that I have that the card is even installed in the server comes from the AMD -> Maintainence -> sysinfo. The card is listed under PCI devices and shows this information:
"- Class ff00: Dialogic Corp: Unknown device 0546 "

Can anyone help a noob out determining if the card is actually functioning or if I have some config problems. I’d really just like to know that at this point the card is functioning properly – then I’ll actually get into setting the voicemail etc. up on this server.

I read in one of the docs that maybe the dialogics cards are not supported in the free version of asterisk@home - Can anyone confirm this?

I appologize if this is a RTFM question – I looked online and couldn’t find any information. Any links to information to configuring dialogics cards in asterisk@home would be great.

Thanks in advance!