Configuring meetme recording quality

At the moment we record our meetme conference to wav format, after which we have a script in place converting the wav to mp3 format.

I need it to be encoded with MPEG1-layer3, so that I can play it back via our application using the Java Media Framework, but the wave files are encoded to MPEG2.5-Layer3. The Java Media Framework can only handle mp3 encoded with the MPEG1-Layer3, I can’t seem to find a 2.5 plugin.

This is because asterisk records the files at 8kHz. You can’t encode a 8kHz wave file to MPEG1-layer 3, only to MPEG2.5-Layer 3.

In order to encode a wave file to MPEG1-layer3 you need either 32, 44.1 or 48 kHz.

So my question is can you/how configure asterisk to record at 32kHz and not 8kHz

I don’t think asterisk can do that. Your script would have to change the sampling rate, which should be easy to do with SOX