Configure video conference

Hello all:
I want to configure a video conference. Video conferencing via 3 video phones. How should i configure asterisk?


The ConfBridge application has a few different options for video which are detailed in the configuration file[1], otherwise you just need to allow a video codec in the configuration for each device and in the case of chan_sip enable video support. If you’re experiencing problems afterwards you’ll need to provide further information such as what you’ve done, your configuration, and if you’ve confirmed media is flowing.


My system is asterisk15. I want to test 3 video phones video conferencing via pjsip. no webrtc.

What I posted does not use WebRTC and most of the ConfBridge options are not for WebRTC. If you are actually wanting every person to see everyone else, that functionality is not available for traditional devices. To enable video support in PJSIP you just have to allow a video codec.