Configure Asterisk Server with AudioCodec Mediant 1000

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I am new in asterisk. I want to configure my asterisk server (in rhel 5.4) to integrate with my AudioCodec Mediant 1000 where 2E1 (ISDN PRI) lines are connected. I want to use my asterisk box for only outbound call. I wonder i found no actually related article on this :frowning: . It would be highly appreciable if anyone help to to configure my system step by step. I’ll be really grateful.

objective in line:

x-lite (Soft Phone)—>Asterisk Server—>AudioCodec Mediant 1000—>E1—>customer

Thanks in Advance.


really sad to know that there is noone to help here :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

did you ever receive any help, I am trying to accomplish the same thing.