Configuration help

ok… this is what I need to do:

have 2 asterisk boxes…
1 for home with IAX trunk for outbound and inbound calls

1 for work with IAX trunk for outbound and inbound calls

goal is to peer the 2 boxes with IAX so when I am at home I can connect to the work box and use the incoming and outgoing call settings for my business… so my goal would be to connect to my local home box on the local with one of my extentions at the office box that is in another location. how would I go about making this work??

Start here … al+servers

OK… I’m still lost… which example am I wanting to use??

this is what I want…

1 box at office
1 box at home
each with own trunk…
I want to sign into my box at home from my lan - with extensions 200 and 201 so I can make and receive calls from my office box, but it can remain behind it’s lan using IAX since it has no nat issues…

I do not need to make and receive calls on the office box thru the home box…
so would this be correct:

officebox = peer
homebox = user
… I’m pretty new to this and was using *@home at first until several people told me that it was responsible for a lot of my issues…

Please Advise

If I understand Correctly you want to be able to recieve calls from office at you house and dial from you house and have it go out your office trunks?

Then yes I think
officebox = peer
homebox = user

just set 'em up as friend… no reason not to at any rate