Conference will not accept PIN number when conferencing call

This is a conference/conference problem. :smile:

When I have a caller on line1 and I put them on hold and then dial a conference number on line2, put line2 on hold, go back to line1 press CONF key on my phone and then both the line1 caller and myself are conferenced to line2 where we hear the prompt to enter the conference PIN number. I dial the conference PIN (which I verified works when dialing the conference) and the voice says “that is an invalid PIN for this conference”. I’ve tried this several times always with the same result. If I try calling the conference without conferencing a caller then the PIN works just fine. How can I conference a caller into a conference line and have the PIN work?


Perhaps your phone isn’t passing the DTMF properly.
Try doing an attended transfer to get the caller into the conf, then just join yourself after.