ConfBridge dialing out

So I have my callers joining a confernece. I would like to connect another conferencing service that requires an outbound call, and then a pause, and then dialing a few numbers (i.e. conference code).

exten => 221,1 NoOp()
same => n,ConfBridge(${EXTEN})
same => n,Originate(SIP/ ; originate outbound call?
same => n, ; not sure how to delay, and type confID, 5551212
same => n, ; join these two together
same => n, Hangup()

Thanks in advance for suggestions. I have The Definitive Guide 5th Ed. if there is a section I can be referred to :wink:

Best, Tony

Originate needs two sides.

The A side is the remote service. The B side does the DTMF and then invokes the local conference.

More complex cases may use a local channel on the A side.

Better use Local chanel with your Originate command to make the pause and send the DTMF, I made a code related to that task take it as example and modify it

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