Conf Recording Problem

How can I prevent conference recording from stopping itself?

My issue is that the users on the bridge can all receive notifications at the exact same time. When this happens they are all pulled from the bridge for a moment while they hear the notification. This causes a conference recording to stop because Asterisk doesn’t think there is anyone on the bridge. Is there a way to record a bridge indefinitely and only stop when I specifically tell it to stop?

Asterisk 19.4.1

Not without a channel being present in the conference bridge. Conference bridges only exist as long as someone is in them.

Hmmm… I wonder if I could someone fake a channel in a bridge to keep it open.

What about create an admin profile for confbridge without announcement?
That way you will connect everybody at same time and admin will keep bridge up.

I can look at that. I don’t like using the configs at all. I try to do everything dynamically in code as much as possible. The only reason I setup anything in confbridge.conf is because of this memory leak that no one seems to want to fix:

I’ve read your issue.
About that, the memory problem occurs when you use a single or two (admin and guests) profiles?Once confbridge create a newone dynamically , that could solve the major problem and start to “overwrite” instead of append data to memory

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