Concecting Console to bridge (permanent) during startup

Hi all,
I’m relatively new with asterisk and want to have the following:
the local console (Alsa soundcard) shall automatically connected to a chatroom (bridge) when asterisk is starting up.
I found a solution here for startup handling
and included

exten => s,1,Dial(Console/default)
exten => s,2,ConfBridge(1,default_bridge,my_user)

; Ast-Startup Dummy Extension
exten => ast-startup,1,Answer()

but the console hangs up without any error message.
Does anybody has a hint for me? Thank you very much.

Dial is the complete outgoing leg of the call, not just the dialing phase. It won’t return until the console hangs up. (However, in this case, I assume that it must be run in an h extension like environment, in which case it couldn’t use Dial,)

Whilst I’m not familiar with any mechanism to run dialplan at startup, it may have been introduced. If, as you seem to expect, it is running without a normal channel (although it would need a channel, all the same), it would need to use Originate to initiate a call involving a normal channel.

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Thanks for the reply. Please can you give me a hint what you mean with “…run in an h extension environment…”? Is it a asterisk module or some external (3rd party)?
Thank you.
Kind regards Adi

h extensions are part of the core dialplan handling. They run after the technology driver for the channel hs been shut down and therefore cannot do anything with that the technology driver such as bridging it to another channel. They can basically only manipulate CDRs and channel variables, or perform operations on explicitly named channels, and use Originate to create and start dialplan on new channels.

They cannot use DIal, Bridge, Queue, SendDTMF, Playback, Playtones, or anything else which will result in signalling or media on the channel on which they are running, as that channel is no longer (for h extension processing) live for such operations, or, as I’m speculating, if Asterisk now has the ability to run dialplan, at startup, without specifying a destination for the channel, never had and never will have the ability to perform signalling or media transfers.

I am relying entirely on what you have written to infer that Asterisk now has the ability to run dialplan without requesting a technology specific channel. Your understanding of Asterisk may actually be more flawed than I am assuming.

If I wanted to do what you are doing on the versions of Asterisk with which I am familiar, I would have the startup shell script place a call file in the call file directory, specifying the console channel as the channel and the conference as the application to run, or an extension that enters the channel that is already up when it starts into the conference.

Can I also just repeat that Dial will not return (with default options) until the dialed channel has hungup.

Hello david 551 and many thanks for your help. Will try to read and understand more in asterisk. It’s a bit hard since I started only a few days ago.
Support here is great.
Thanks again, kind regards Adi