Computer programming help needed

This forum seemed to be a good place for me to find someone that can help me with the computer programming (stage2 and 3) in the project I am working on. Any ideas and direction to existing resources are also welcome.

The project:
Stage 1:
I have constructed the open source cell phone using the GM862 Cellular Quad Band Module ( with GPS with GM862 Evaluation Kit – USB. I have successfully got the module to work on a windows 2000 machine. I am working on getting this to work with Linux m/c.
Stage 2:
Need a program that will receives the call and take inputs from the GM862 connected to the USB, when it receives a call (i.e. the caller presses 1, 2,etc)
Stage 3:
Based on the input received, activate various devices such as relays, servos connected to the computer

I guess by now you must be wondering why I am doing all this. This allows me to add more functionality at a latter date.
If you are interested in working with me on this project feel free to mail me at or call me 9373672398