Compile Asterisk with SNMP support - Ubuntu

Hi everybody…

This is my problem… I want to compile asterisk with SNMP support in order to monitor it with CACTI (from other host). I’m following this tutorial, but when I try to select “res_snmp” from menuselect, it still marked as lack of dependencies, but I’m pretty sure that all package are installed (in ubuntu net-snmp is called snmpd). As it’s said in the tutorial, if this happen one should try running

./configure --with-netsnmp but as I do that, it output this

checking for net-snmp-config... no configure: *** configure: *** The Net-SNMP installation on this system appears to be broken. configure: *** Either correct the installation, or run configure configure: *** including --without-netsnmp

I’m pretty sure that Net-SNMP (snmpd) is up and running, but I don’t know what to do, since almost all Asterisk/SNMP tutorials stands for Red Hat like OSes

Thanks :smiley: