Commit Message Example

Example below is copy-pasta’d from the above link because the forums are an easy place to look for this info as well:

app_foo.c: Add new 'x' argument to the Foo application

The Foo application now has an addition argument 'x' that can manipulate
the output RTP stream of the remote channel by causing it to pause for
a configured amount of time, at a configured interval and a configured
number of times. There's no real use for this other as an example of
how to format a commit message. 

The code required changes to a number of other modules and is fairly
invasive and poorly written. It also required removing an option from
the existing OldFoo application.

Fixes: #666

UserNote: The Foo dialplan application now takes an additional argument
'x(a,b,c)' which will cause the remote channel to pause RTP output for
'a' milliseconds, every 'b' milliseconds, a total of 'c' times.

UpgradeNote: The X argument to the OldFoo application has been removed
and will cause an error if supplied.

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