CODEC to use


At the moment, I am using classical codec : Ulaw, Alaw… ( Let’s say Alaw )
Now, I am tried to play with the codec, in oder to gain some bandwith

I made a test using with my Voip provider, which supports most of the codec, I foced to use ilbc
My Sip phone is using Alaw.

  1. I suppose that if I make a phone call from my sip phone, the ASterisk server will translate from Alaw -> Ilbc
    Then, I will forward the voice with ILBC codec -> Voip Provider

Q1) I saw my Asterisk server saying: " Unable to find translation Ulaw ti ILBC ?? Why it cannot do it ? ( there is no license to pay :smile:

Q2) apparently, I saw my communication with my provider ~ 80Kb/s => That means that it didn’t translate anything ?
or does it mean that my provider doesn’t use this Codec ?
-> How can I force the codec to be Ilbc ??

Thanks for your help