Codec support


I am Mahesh Bhujle, from Mumbai, India. I am a telecom engineer by
graduation and working in the enterprise telephony domain for last 5 years.

Recently i downloaded AsteriskNow 1.7.1 iso from the asterisk’s official
website. I installed it in the vmware and selected the option “AsteriskNow
1.6 with Asterisk GUI”. On completion of the installation, i can get the
access to the gui and configure the extensions. I also get the option to
specify the specific codecs for the extensions.

I specified codecs as iLBC and g729 for the users. I am using x-lite as the
client. When i make a call from one x-lite to another, the call goes
through. I have also configured a conference pilot for meet me conference
functionality. When i call the pilot number from the x-lite using iLBC, the
call gets connected and drops. But when i call the pilot number from x-lite
ysung g711, the call gets through and the prompts can be heard.

Kindly suggest.

You need to buy G.729 licences and install a G.729 codec. Conferences calls require that the call be converted to simple linear PCM, in order that the various incoming channels can be mixed.

Note, whilst this can be done at the basic Asterisk level, you will need to ask on the AsteriskNow forum to find out if there are any special AsteriskNow considerations.

I’m not sure about the status of iLBC.

X-Lite does not support g.729. Use X-Ten or hardware SIP phones.
If you use only X-Lite try with gsm codec.