Codec g.726 and G.729 VoIP

there is no website recommendation to download G.726 and G.729 codecs on VoIP

So, what is your question?

Are you looking to implement the g.726 and/or the g.729 codecs? was a third party site but I don’t think it is being maintained any longer.

For G.729A, see

G.726 is supported by the standard Asterisk source code distribution.

I want to apply the two codecs, but I am confused to download the G.726 and G.729 codecs, I did not find the webisite link to download them,

Do you know the website to download the G.726 and G.729 codec packages?

The codec_g726 module which supports G726-32 is included with Asterisk. The codec_g729a module can be purchased from Digium which covers support and helps the people who work on Asterisk if you would like to do so.


thanks the answer,but how to cofigure codec G.726 in asterick ?

The same as you do with any other codec in Asterisk. “allow=g726” in the configuration for the peer or user in chan_sip, or in the endpoint for chan_pjsip. There is no codec specific configuration.

ok thanks alot for your answer