Client app cant register gives error TLS connect() error: Unknown error 494267 [code=494267]

I am trying to use an sdk to implement a sip client that connects to my asterisk server which is running asterisk-18. I can connect on the UDP transport but TLS transport always fails giving this error on the client TLS connect() error: Unknown error 494267 [code=494267] indicating that there is a version mismatch of TLS. I tried to change the method from tlsv1 to tlsv1_2 and tlsv1_3 as well but always get this error. Furthermore I cant see any logs of the said endpoint trying to connect on the asterisk side.

The client side gives the following logs

D/native  (10139): Call-ID: 51K8bTbs5bdLW8D8bW7EOPhFWFyufLyf
D/native  (10139): CSeq: 56091 REGISTER
D/native  (10139): User-Agent: ABTOLLC
D/native  (10139): Contact: <sips:140@;transport=TLS>
D/native  (10139): Expires: 300
D/native  (10139): Content-Length:  0
D/native  (10139): 
D/native  (10139): 
D/native  (10139): --end msg--
D/native  (10139): sip_transactio  ..tsx_cancel_timer 0 with internal ID 0
V/native  (10139): timer_android.  ..DBG CANCEL timer 0 with internal ID 0 of heap 1 callback 0x64E79820
E/native  (10139): timer_android.  ..ab_timer_heap_schedule 0
V/native  (10139): timer_android.  ..Scheduling timer 4 of 1 in 15000 ms @ 0x7214fe0a50
V/native  (10139): timer_android.  ..DBG SCHEDULE timer 0 with internal ID 4 of heap 1 callback 0x64E79820
V/TimerWrap(10139): doSchedule 131/352193104 in 15000ms
D/TimerWrap(10139): SCHED add 131 in 15000
V/native  (10139): tsx0x7214fe08a  ..State changed from Null to Calling, event=TX_MSG
D/native  (10139):    absua_acc.c  .Acc 3: Registration sent
V/native  (10139): timer_android.  FIRE done and released
W/TimerWrap(10139): timer fire >> 132
E/native  (10139): tlsc0x729502f0 !TLS connect() error: Unknown error 494267 [code=494267]
W/native  (10139): tsx0x7214fe08a  Failed to send Request msg REGISTER/cseq=56091 (tdta0x72153f5000)! err=494267 (Unknown error 494267)
V/native  (10139): tsx0x7214fe08a  State changed from Calling to Terminated, event=TRANSPORT_ERROR
W/native  (10139):    absua_acc.c  ..SIP registration failed, status=503 (Unknown error 494267)
D/native  (10139):    absua_acc.c  ..Scheduling re-registration retry for acc 3 in 8 seconds..

Kindly guide me in how to solve this issue.

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