Click to call via mysql @ asterisk

This is my first post here. I am also sorta new to whole asterisk area (used to work with a software which i will not name here :stuck_out_tongue:) and here is my problem.
I would like to create a simple clicker that would work like this:

  • agent clicks on a call button in a .net program
  • hes making a hidden query to asterisk telling him to call a specific number and imiedietly connects to SIP number of whoever made the request

I know there are many apps like this written in php or even addon to ff or chrome but i honestly did not see a single one for .net that would actually work ;x
Not even sure if its possible, can u make calls via mysql query?

I did a click 2 dial App Using : PHP , MYSQL ,AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface). If you need some hints i can help you.