CLI message repetition


With a couple of SIP registrations with VoIP service providers, these messages (below) are issued repeatedly, every minute or so, at the CLI, after connecting with asterisk -r, with no verbosity:

– parse_srv: SRV mapped to host, port 5060

Is there any way to suppress these messages? I often use the CLI output as a way to check if there’s been any activity such as incoming calls, and would prefer the terminal window weren’t filled up with these ‘SRV’ messages.


yes. Modify logger.conf … ogger.conf

[quote=“Dovid”]yes. Modify logger.conf … ogger.conf[/quote]

Thanks Dovid, I’ve tried modifying that file but without success. Can you be more specific about how to modify?


I have not used logger.conf much and it seems to be a cat and mouse game till you get exactly what you want. Can you post your logger.conf and I will try to have a poke at it ?

Well, there really isn’t much to it, its just set as default - there are only four lines not commented out. These are:

console => notice,warning,error
messages => notice,warning,error

I’ve tried removing both ‘notice’ and ‘warning’ from not only the console line but also the messages line, and then commenting out the whole lines, but the unwanted stuff still appears.