*CLI> Illegal instruction


Am using net4521. I have a running Linux kernel 2.6.23 on net4521. I have installed asterisk1.4.13 on top of it. When I try to run asterisk [asterisk -vvvvc] I can see *CLI>.
But when I use *CLI> dial [console dial], my Asterisk gets crashed with “Illegal instruction”:frowning: . I have googled for it. All I find is that I need to manually edit Makefile before compiling. I have no clue on how to edit the Makefile. Help me out!

Procedure I follow:
$cd /usr/src/asterisk
make clean
make install

I got no errors in any of the phases

Selva :frowning:

I am unsure if it is a bug or not but try installing the latest version of asterisk which is 1.4.14. Also what did they tell you to edit in the Make file ?