Cisco sip gateway problems

hello all…I’m new to the Asterisk system, so please forgive any silly questions.

My setup:
Cisco 2811 router that will be acting as my voice gateway. PRI from PSTN via VWIC card.
Asterisk server v1.8

I’m trying to create a SIP connection between the Cisco 2811 and the Asterisk server. From what I’m reading, I need to edit the sip.conf file. I have no such file listed. I see the following:


Any help or sample configs what be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


You need to consult the person who configured the system. Asterisk comes with none of these files, and, as far as I know, the GUIs, generate a sip.conf in order to include files a bit like these.

hi…i am the one who set the system up. i have installed all modules and have the FreePBX GUI running.

it seems that in version 1.8.8 it tells you not to edit sip.conf. While in all other versions, sip.conf is the main config file. It;s not really making sense to me.

I just need to create a SIP trunk from the Asterisk server to a Cisco 2811 router that will process inbound/outbound calls via PRI.

It tells you not to edit it because it maintains it and needs to know what it contains and what format it is in. It provides …custom… includes, but you either need to configure using the GUI, or have a good understanding of how it it works.

Also, you didn’t do most of the configuration; the people who wrote FreePBX did that, and you should address your questions to them.

of course i didn’t write it all. what a silly thing to say.

If you were using Asterisk, rather than an Asterisk GUI, you would have to, effectively, write it all. You need support for the Asterisk GUI, not for Asterisk.