Cisco AS5300 and Digium g729A codec


We have a problem connecting to a Cisco AS5300 trunk.

We set the sip peer to allow only g729. The call attempt is able to connect, but when answered, no audio is heard or transmitted. The only codec that can be used for this trunk is ulaw.

Our asterisk version is . Codec is licensed, bought from Digium.

We do not have this problem on our other providers using asterisk and other non-cisco systems.
Anyone else having this same problem?

If this were a Digium codec problem, you should have used the DIgium commercial support channels, not the open source ones.

However you seem to be telling Asterisk to use G.729 when the Cisco has been configured to use mu-law and that is an obvious mismatch, which requires one end or the other to be reconfigured to match.

The g729 codec is working on other systems, it’s only the cisco as5300 that has this problem.
The ulaw is working only when we allow it on both systems.

The provider of the trunk claims that they also setup on their site to use g729.

You will need to provide SIP set debug output, including debug level loggin, to show the SDP exchange.