Cisco and Asterisk integration issues (Voicemail Related)

Okay, I have two questions. One is purely a Cisco CME question and the other is an integration issue.

  1. I have a 1760V with two FXS modules. I’ve had the ability to place calls to and from Asterisks for some time and I’ve been tweaking some of the nicer things for some time, but I’m stumped on one thing. The phones I have hanging off of the FXS ports have no MWI. So, I’ve been trying to research AMWI (Audible Message Waiting Indicator). It seems to be possible in Cisco Call Manager and Cisco CME. However, I can find no configuration examples / manuals that explain how to get this to work. Basically, I want the lines to work like my Verizon phone line. If I have voicemail, I want some audible notification.

  2. My second issue is more Asterisk related. As mentioned above, I have phones connected to my Cisco CME 1760V router. I also have some cisco IP Phones connected to my network. Here’s my problem: When I dial the voicemail number from my analog phones, I connect to the extensions mailbox and can enter in my password…That’s great. From a regular IP phone, it appears that the DTMF relay isn’t working. However, the phone extensions use the same dial-peers on the Cisco, and the same SIP.CONF and EXTENSION.CONF settings. I can post relavent sections if desireable. But since this is rather long (and I’m not currently on my lab network) I’ll post it if necessary later, but I’m hoping someone might have a quick…‘Check this setting.’

Tips on troubleshooting would be welcome. If there is a log or something I could check. But I can reach the voicemail just fine on both from the ephone and the fxs phone.

Heck, one more question for the experts here while I’m thinking about it (sorry its more Cisco CME related). I’m trying to get the MWI working on the IP Phone. The key seems to be adding the:
mwi sip-server X.X.X.X unsolicited
command to the router under the Telephony-Service configuration. My problem is I don’t have the unsolicted option for that command. My IOS I’m running is: System image file is “flash:c1700-ipvoice-mz.123-12.bin”

Anyways, thanks for any assistance everyone can provide.