Cisco 7970 - Can I create phonebook on Asterisk and pass it?

I just purchased Cisco 7970 for tests, but it is failing big time (there is no built in phonebook, XML provided in tutorials for directory is not working either, I checked everything what I was able to find on Google but there is nothing (now I have HTML File Error (file is fine, permissions, etc)).

I start thinking that maybe I would use phonebook created on Asterisk and somehow Asterisk could transfer name to the phone ?

I’ve manage to get working services with phonebook but phone won’t/can’t use it to identify incoming calls, I can use it only for outgoing calls.

Is it even possible /??? Maybe this phone is just too old and I should just send it back (I already have Gigaset DX800A but it sucks in terms of usability and Grandstream GXV3410 (only 3 lines)).

If this phone is just not usable any more, what should I buy ?

I’m looking for device with backlight, physical buttons (perfect if each line would have own lid button), at least 6-7 lines AND PHONEBOOK.

Here are some examples of xml file which I’ve tried to use it as directory:

  1. [code]<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
XXX Cell 222222 [/code]

With opening XML tag and without

<CiscoIPPhoneInput> <Title>Phone book</Title> <Prompt>Prompt text.</Prompt> <URL>http://XXXXX/services/dir.xml</URL> <InputItem> <DisplayName>search</DisplayName> <QueryStringParam>search</QueryStringParam> <InputFlags></InputFlags> <DefaultValue></DefaultValue> </InputItem> </CiscoIPPhoneInput>


Services Menu No Services Enabled #Thanks! [/code]

And more.

It is either HTTP File Error or simply shows nothing at all.