Cisco 7960 and Polycom i501

I am assuming (which may be a mistake) that different phones are able to be used by the Asterisk system. In that case, do I need to have a different ipmid.cfg or something for each phone? For example, my ipmid.cfg file works fine for our Polycom 501 phones. Do i need to create another one for our Ciscos?

You can mix and match phones with Asterisk any way you like. I have a system that has a Polycom 500, a Grandstream 2000, and two Sipura-841’s on it.

However, unless I miss my guess, the ipmid.cfg file is the configuration file for the Polycom set.

You won’t be able to use that with anything but another Polycom set.

Cisco has it’s own group of config files. You’ll have to learn those, configure them, and set them up seperately.

Aha! I see. Thanks!