Circuits are busy message always!


I have been encountering the circuits are busy message and I cant identify if it is a problem with the system or simply the destination is off or busy. A case in point is when I called a powered off mobile phone the system gave me a " all circuits are busy now “, the callee kept saying that the system is wrong but in fact it was the device that was off. Is there a way that we can play a Different essage/tone/beep/providers message/anything when the destination is off or busy instead of playing the same " circuits are busy” message.


What channel technology are you using. What are the actual channel protocol responses you are getting in the two cases?

Generally ${HANGUPCAUSE} gives a more fine grained indications of why things cleared, and, if using SIP, there is a mechanism to get the SIP cause, which is as fine grained as you will get with SIP.

This was a support request, so should have been in Asterisk Support.