Cipher Suites supported by Asterisk


I am planning to use Asterisk as a SIP server. Can anyone please let me know if the features listed below are supported by Asterisk?

  1. Mutual authentication of communicating video conferencing clients using TLS (version 1.2 or later) with support for following cipher names:
  2. X509 v3, RSA compliant certificates to be used for authentication, with asymmetric key lengths >= 2048 bits
  3. Signature algorithm used in certificates is SHA 256
  4. Source code of Asterisk
  5. Commercial license for Asterisk - This I believe is available from Digium.

Pavan D

Question 3 conflicts with or duplicates question 1, depending whether or not you mean exclusively uses.

Question 4: Asterisk is open source, although there are fax and codec modules that are not.

Question 5: not something that can be answered on this forum, but why do you need a commercial licence, unless you are going to make a proprietary fork. I’m not aware of Digium providing developer licences for creating closed source derivatives, but I’m sure that they would if enough money was offered.

Generally I believe the answer to the technical questions is that it uses OpenSSL.