Choppy remote playback

Ok. We have been trying to upgrade from 1.4 to
Here is the issue we have.
When you call internal to the pbx from a sip device and have it play back a file. All is well
exten => 1234,1,Playback(hello-world)

But when we call in from outside its very choppy. We have 2 PRI’s in a asterisk 1.2 box. Which passes the call over IAX to our edge iax server which is also 1.2. And then to our box in question over IAX. It is like this right now because we are testing It will take the place of said edge IAX box when it is ready.

Its not the way the call is routed through 2 boxes first because if the endpoint is a 1.4 box it works great. The only reason I mention the other boxes (because they don’t really matter) is because they are 1.2 and there might be some issue between passing a call from 1.2 to (doubting it though)

Call from SIP > PBX plays back file fine.
Inbound call from outside playback of file is very choppy.
Voice, however works great. Both ways.

I think i have found this to be a bug in
And is already listed.