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Farsee Technology Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of VOIP products in China. Our products cover IP phone, ATA, USB phone and WIFI voip phone. All of our IP phones and ATAs work very well with Asterisk devices.
IP phone:
FS-P650 with one FXO port, two RJ45 interfaces;
FS-P530 with Infineon program, supporting SIP and IAX2 protocol, Two RJ45 interfaces;
FS-P530P with full VOIP features, POE function.
FS-G100, mini ATA design, one RJ45 one FXS, low price
FS-G188, Infineon program, full voip features, SIP and IAX2 protocols, two RJ45, one RJ11 with lifeline adapter.
USB phone:
FS-U100 with LCD and FS-U101 are the latest designs
FS-U210 and FS-U300
WIFI phone:
FS-WIFI220: GSM/WIFI dual-mode voip phone
FS-WIFI301: WIFI single-mode voip phone
All the products have the most competitive prices, top quality and latest technology. We continually develop the firmwares in the products and supply all the clients to upgrade their products for free.[/color]
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