Check_auth: username mismatch with GSM GW

Hello all

i have weird issue with my pbx with below scenario

caller <<<<>>>>>GSM GW (dinstar) <<<>>>>Issable PBX ( Asterisk) <<<<>>>> Called (Extention

some times got check_auth: username mismatch as shown below and call drop !

[2024-03-10 21:05:47] WARNING[21600][C-00000009]: chan_sip.c:17388 check_auth: username mismatch, have , digest has
[2024-03-10 21:05:47] NOTICE[21600][C-00000009]: chan_sip.c:26609 handle_request_invite: Failed to authenticate device 07769305137 sip:07769305137@;tag=2e6a44a157783bec2d6e6fa40469f9e6
even some times no issue and call success

anyone can support

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