ChanSpy user guide

I have 3 extensions connected with a webRTC sipML5


I create a Conference for User1 and User2

Into CLI :
channel originate sip/User1 application Confbridge 123,testbridge,testuser,testmenu
channel originate sip/User2 application Confbridge 123,testbridge,testuser,testmenu

So User1 and User2 are in a full conférence (2/2)

I want to call the User3 as a spy like this

channel originate sip/User3 application ChanSpy(SIP/123,q)

but it’s said “no such application”
how should i use Chanspy?

Would be good if you post the CLI output,


“1000” and “1001” are in full conference
i tried this with “1002”

Conf number : 01222

ChanSpy(SIP/123,q) this is interpreted as single command .app data need to be passed
using space according to the documentation ``` Command paramenters not sure if can be passed using this method, a workaround would be using extension option
channel originate <tech/data> application [appdata]

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channel originate sip/1002 application ChanSpy SIP/01222,q

Do confbridge ID are spyable ?
The chanspy user dont ear anything

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