ChanSpy and ExtenSpy gives choppy voice


My Asterisk version is

I’m trying to use ChanSpy / ExtenSpy.

Both work. But the voice is very choppy.

I had the same problem with Monitor() cmd (recorded voice is choppy), but with MixMonitor it’s working fine.

And yes, I tried with Monitoring off too. Still the same.

My codec is gsm.

Has anyone come across this problem?



Are you running Asterisk on a physical server or a virtual machine?

Physical server with very good config. Intel Xeon 6C x 2 and 64GB RAM. Almost all the time, the CPU stays at 0% utilization.

I have tried many options but still the problem remains. I took an RTP trace and it looks like RTP packets are coming only sporadically. Hasn’t anybody come across this?

What timing source are you using?