Channel variables


I have Asterisk doing an ODBC lookup when a call comes in. I use src to search a database and retrieve a name. I then populate Callerid with the name. However, what shows up on the phone display is still just the incoming call number. What variable do I need to put the name into for it to show up on the phone display, i.e., what is Asterisk sending to the phone that I can affect to change the display?


David A. Bandel

Hi pananix!

Without this part of your extensins.conf it can be hard to say why it doesn’t work.

Are you shure you get any data in to your variables from DB?

You can try something like this as the line after where you lookup the incoming call.

Virtually yours // Nypon

Thanx for your reply. I know ${CallerID} is getting populated because the next line, a NoOp, shows me. However, in 1.8.x, you can only read CallerID(all) or any of the others sub variables (num), (name), etc. But I can, and according to my NoOp line did, change CallerID. I just don’t understand why the phones still get the incoming line as just the phone number. Must be another variable. I just don’t know what it is.


The function is CALLERID, not CallerID