Channel originate with playback from CLI not working


I have this call working as expected from the CLI from an extension to an outside line.

asterisk -x ‘channel originate Local/xxx extension 8xxxxxxxx5@from-internal application Playback Support-queue’

The calls work on both sides but the playback never happens. The logs do not show anything relating to the playback. I took the sound file from our IVR so I know it plays in asterisk. I have also set debug to 5 with rvvvvv

Has anyone seen this?

This is Asterisk 1.8. It’s a DAHDI line out if that matters. Thanks for your time.

You can’t send an originated call to both an extension and an application. It’s one or the other.


Thanks, I’ll have an AMI script with a dialplan which I’m debugging also having issues with that. Was trying to debug on the CLI.

Thanks again