Channel Name in CDR


In the CDR the channel will be placed on the 6the position.
In asterisk before 1.8 you could see the real channel number.
For example channel DHADI/25-1. (here the real channel is 25)

In asterisk 1.8 the Channel is changed.
Now the following channels will be placed in the cdr: DAHDI/iZ/XXXXXXXXXX-YYY

I figured out that the Z is the span number, which is set in /etc/dahdi/system.conf

But those anybody know’s how the get the real channel of the channel formaat.

A couple of examples are :


Arjan Kroon

In Asterisk terminology, you are getting the channel name.

There was a question about this last week (I think it was here, but it might bave been the issue tracker).

The alphabetic position of the letter gives you the span number.

Why do yo need to know the actual time-slot?

Hi David,

I think I was the person with that question.

I use the actuel channel number to see which and how many channels are used in a span.

In my system.conf I declare 30 channels in one span. (We use a E1 span)
If I look at the example number I can the spannumbers but not the real channels.
DAHDI/i8/0517383600-229 – this is span 8
DAHDI/i1/0031650545840-329 – this is span 1
DAHDI/i4/0512515245-20f – this is span 4
DAHDI/i6/0517417488-1fb – this is span 6

Can you tell me what the real channel is for these example channel




I found something in changelog op asterisk 1.8 … .8-current

channels/sig_pri.h, channels/chan_dahdi.c, UPGRADE.txt,
channels/sig_pri.c: DAHDI ISDN channel names will not allow
device state to work. (Interim solution.) Since ISDN works like
SIP and not analog ports in regard to devices, the device state
based on the ISDN channel number could not work. This has not
been an issue until the advent of PTMP NT mode. Previously, ISDN
lines were used as trunks and did not have to keep track of
specific devices. As an interim solution until device states are
properly implemented, the channel name is being changed to the
following format to use the generic device state support:
DAHDI/i/[:]- Dialplan
hints would thus be: exten => xxx,hint,DAHDI/i2/5551212 This will
work with the following restrictions: * The number of
devices/phones cannot exceed the number of B channels. (i.e., BRI
has 2) * Each device/phone can only have one number. No shared
MSN’s. * The phones/devices probably should not use

Something to bear in mind in relation to your is that the issue tracker only deals with cases where something that was supposed to work doesn’t work, or you are providing a patch to implement a new feature.

If you want to use it for your problem, you need to build a case that the information that you were using was information that the code was intended to provide, in the form in which you were using it. Asking how to get it from the CHANNEL function looks like a support request, and is likely to get the issue closed.

You are correct that this is not a mal function.
But this is a feature that is removed or changed in asterisk 1.8.
Because there is no information if this feature is still available I have reported an issue.
This is also recommended by Lead Madsen.

Hi, does anybody have an idea how to solve the problem with the channel number?


Arjan Kroon